Amate HR-C Flying Bar for N36, N46 or N46P


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Introducing the Amate HR-C flying bar, a robust rigging bar that has been designed to safely and securely fly Amate N36, N46, and N46P speakers. This allows the speakers to be elevated to the ideal height to distribute sound effectively. As a result, this flying bar is ideal for a variety of events and commercial locations.

This flying bar securely and safely holds a speaker cabinet in place, and it is easy to use, following the instructions provided. The required screws are provided, along with a detachable hanging plate, making it simple to attach the fixture to a bar or flying column.

Made from hard-wearing steel, the Amate HR-C flying bar is a durable accessory that is guaranteed to last. Therefore, you can rest assured that your sound system is safely and securely elevated to the ideal height, resulting in optimal sound quality for any event or commercial setting.

Key Details

  • High-quality rigging bar, perfect for installations and a variety of events
  • Designed to fly Amate N36, N46 and N46P speakers
  • Safely and securely holds equipment in place
  • Built to last with durable steel construction
  • Includes detachable hanging plate to fix onto columns

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Amate HR-C Flying Bar for N36, N46 or N46P

In Stock

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