Amate HR-S/GT Flying Bar for S6, S6P, N12A6 or N12P7


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The Amate HR-S/GT flying bar is a high-quality rigging bar that is equipped with a 50mm hook for attachment to truss systems. It is purpose-built for the safe and efficient flying of Amate S6, S6P, N12A6, and N12P7 speakers, enhancing the sound dispersal of your sound system at events and commercial settings alike.

This flying bar is designed to hold your equipment securely in place, providing peace of mind during use. Using the provided screws and following the contained instructions, your speaker cabinet can be fastened to the HR-S bar. The bar also comes with a hook adapter, allowing it to be easily attached to a truss system. An optional safety cable can be added for extra security, providing additional stability.

What’s more, the Amate HR-S/GT flying bar is built to last, with a robust steel construction ensuring it is durable and reliable. Therefore, this rigging bar provides a safe and secure way to elevate your sound system to the ideal height to optimise sound dispersal.

Key Details

  • Flying bar with a hook for easy fastening to truss, perfect for events and commercial settings
  • Suitable for S6, S6P, N12A6 and N12P7 speaker models
  • Simple and secure fastening
  • Durable steel construction
  • Features detachable hook adapter

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Amate HR-S/GT Flying Bar for S6, S6P, N12A6 or N12P7

In Stock

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