Power Dynamics PDY2215 2×15″ Passive PA Speaker – 1600W


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The Power Dynamics PDY2215 2×15″ Passive PA Speaker is an audio solution tailored for music enthusiasts, event organisers, and sound professionals alike. Whether you’re organising a live concert, DJing at a lively party, or seeking robust sound reinforcement for large venues, this full-range speaker consistently delivers exceptional performance.

The PDY2215 Passive PA Speaker boasts an impressive 1600W of power, making it an ideal choice for large venues. Its switchable crossover provides the flexibility to opt for standard or bi-amp operation, catering to your unique sound requirements. With its internal passive crossover, you can expect uniform sound dispersion, ensuring deep bass and clear highs. Featuring fly points for rigging, these speakers offer hassle-free setup and positioning versatility.

Equipped with 2x NL4 connections, the PDY2215 seamlessly integrates into your audio setup, catering to the needs of both professional sound engineers and mobile performers. These Passive Loudspeakers deliver outstanding performance from their dual fifteen inch woofers and horn tweeter system, with an SPL of 135dB.

The synergy between the built-in crossover and speaker drivers guarantees unrivaled sound quality. The frequency response of 45Hz – 20kHz results in a remarkable auditory experience where every note and beat is brought to life with remarkable precision and clarity.

Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer, a dedicated musician, or a meticulous event organizer, these Passive Speakers will become your trusted companions, consistently delivering potent, crystal-clear sound with every use. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your sound game to the next level.

Key Details

  • Full range passive PA speaker
  • Two 15-inch woofer drivers
  • Standard or bi-amp input crossover
  • Fly points for safe rigging
  • Extra hard coating to prevent against damage
  • Two NL4 connections for a looped output
  • Trapezoid cabinet for wedge monitor use


  • Speaker type – Passive (non-amplified)
  • Output power: Max – 1600W
  • Output power: RMS – 800W
  • Diameter tweeter – 1.75″
  • Diameter woofer – 15″
  • Voice coil – 3″
  • Magnet type – Ferrite
  • Magnet weight – 60 oz
  • SPL max – 135dB
  • Frequency response – 45Hz – 20.000Hz
  • Impedance – 4 Ohm
  • Input connections – NL-4
  • Output connections – NL-4


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 420 x 440 x 1150mm
  • Weight – 35,90kg

Power Dynamics

Speaker Type

Passive (Non-Powered)

Power Dynamics PDY2215 2×15″ Passive PA Speaker – 1600W

In Stock

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